Album Premiere: Burning Birds – ‘Where We Belong’

French rockers Burning Birds forge a unique sound that combines heavy and nervous rock, grunge, punk and stoner. The band have been active since 2019, and have released their debut EP Take A Ride in 2020. On this occasion, the band Burning Birds sharing their debut album Where We Belong. Two singles from the album have been released previously: “Out of the Cage” and “Brother.”

Listen to the album here:

Vocalist/guitarist Julien shares his thoughts:

“We think that this album is a kind of road trip, we conceived it as a succession of stories that we tell to the one who will listen to it, a succession of landscapes, which allow to live strong emotions and to dream.

There is what we hear, what we see and often, there is something complementary, the other side of what we say, which is not necessarily said, and it will pass by something instrumental on this album. There is a link between the songs in the way of thinking about them, yet, they will make you experience and feel quite different things each time. Each song exists independently from the others, tells its own story, while being part of a whole.”

Burning Birds

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Photo courtesy of Jody Two Wolves

Artwork courtesy of Patrick Strajnic

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