Album Premiere: Call In Dead – ‘Deepest Condolences’

Hardcore punk band Call In Dead are sharing their full-length Deepest Condolences, and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

Listen to the album here:

Guitarist Chris shares his thoughts:

“It’s just some loud rock ‘n’ roll. Short songs packed from start to end making every second count. Josh and Danger Room Recording Service did a great job of capturing the energy from our shows.”

Drummer Scott also shares his thoughts:

“The album was recorded during the pandemic and gave us purpose when the world was shut down. Shit was just hard without shows, and even though most of us got COVID during the process, and we had to pause it for weeks at a time, it was something to look forward to. It’s our first full-length, so it’s a real time capsule of our time as a band, and while Jaeh has moved on (We love you, Jaeh!), we are stoked for how Ripley is performing the songs and her work on our new songs.

“And a big thanks to Wrecking Crew Records for releasing this album!”

The band are made up of four veteran punk rockers, one from D.C. and the other three from FL. With the oldest at 47 and the youngest at 31, they bring their different music experiences and styles together to make a sound that should be familiar to fans of hardcore punk while also giving it the uniqueness that comes from blending their past together into the present.

Their first full length, Deepest Condolences, is being released by Wrecking Crew Records and preorder started October with an album release show with Blitz Kid on November 5 at The Haven in Orlando. It features their original singer, Jaeh Peck, and while he left the band last December to focus on family, the band stand behind and love this album. It is the culmination of all their time together.

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Photo courtesy of Call In Dead

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