Album Premiere: CHROME WAVES – ‘Recursive’

Midwest, post-black metal band CHROME WAVES are sharing their new album, Recursive, a re-envisioned version of their recently released The Rain Will Cleanse LP, featuring remixes of the album’s tracks from Sanford Parker, Statiqbloom, Deeper Graves, Lotus Thrones, Gridfailure, and Wrathchild. You can find the album streaming in full right here at New Noise.

The bands third album, The Rain Will Cleanse, came out back in September, further exploring the band’s realms of shoegaze, alternative, and non-metal influences while retaining their overarching, brooding post-black metal sound.

While that album worked to expand CHROME WAVES’ sound, they continue pushing boundaries with this new, full remixed version of the album. The full track list was outsourced to an array of the band’s allies, reinterpreted and remixed in the same order.

Jeff Wilson expands on the project’s vision:

“In a time when music is consistently less important than business, we wanted to take things back a bit to the 1990s, when your band’s songs were more important than your Spotify plays. Artistry was more important than content creation. Songwriting was above social media follows. Every artist on this album has played an important part in the history of this band, whether it be a collaborator, an influence, a bandmate, or a combination of the above. This is a compilation of our influences more than an auxiliary release. These are people pertinent to our evolution and our existence. These are people more important than the ‘“metal media.’ The people make it happen.”

CHROME WAVES are currently working on their next LP, and their members’ other projects Deeper Graves, Contrition, Amiensus, and more all remain active with new material in the works.

Listen to Recursive in full here:

For more from CHROME WAVES, find them on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Instagram.

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