Album Premiere: Concrete Ships – ‘In Observance’

Intently weaving through an unnerving blend of noise-rock, post-rock, and psychedelia, Lincoln, U.K. three-piece Concrete Ships dutifully submit to the unrelenting absurdity and despair of the eternal recurrence for their upcoming, full-length album, In Observance, out March 26 via Trepanation Recordings.

New Noise Magazine are proud to premiere In Observance in full below:

Set amongst the grandeur of a 13th Century Lincolnshire castle, they began recording the follow-up to their 2018 EP at the beginning of 2020, blissfully unaware of the ill-fated year that lay before them.

“We had the songs ready for quite a while, however, had been struggling to find the right space for the sound we wanted,” explains the band. “A good friend of the band lives in a castle and kindly allowed us to try out some recording there. We set the drums up in a stairwell, and the moment Jamie started playing, we knew we had found the sound we were looking for.”

Despite a pandemic-sized obstacle, the band were able to creatively adapt the recording process to see it through to completion resulting in a dense entanglement of swirling, desperate noise. In Observance was recorded and mixed by Joe Dickinson, with mastering from Peter Fletcher at Black Bay Studio and artwork by Fraser Briggs.

On the release of the LP, bassist/vocalist Chris Thompson states:

“There’s a precise moment when the comfort of repetition becomes discomfort; the familiar is suddenly unfamiliar. This is a point we wanted to locate and explore for this release.”

Along with guitarist Joe Dickinson and drummer Jamie Batt, Concrete Ships interrogate themes of dutiful bodies, floating uncontrollably and self-estrangement in the form of six deliberate acts of observance.

Photo by Konnor Brunsdon

Preorder and stream In Observance here.

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