Album Premiere: Dead Years – Night Thoughts

Bielefeld, Germany’s powerhouse trio Dead Years is putting the punk back in “post punk.” Since the release of their first demo in 20202, bandmates Juilia, Hannes, and Jonas have been blowing minds in their home country and beyond. They put out their self-titled, debut album in 2022 on Dirt Cult/My Ruin, and it reminds us that, while post punk has come to have a wide definition, at its core the genre refers to that which is influenced by punk. Sometimes referred to as “dark punk,” their style has been compared to the likes of The Wipers and Hot Water Music.

Today, they’re debuting their sophomore record Night Thoughts, which is once again being released as a joint effort of Dirt Cult Records in the U.S. and My Ruin Records in Europe.

“Our second LP really feels like where we‘ve wanted to go with this band from the beginning,” says the band’s drummer and vocalist Hannes. “We recorded it with Role of Die Tonmeisterei, and he made it sound exactly the way we wanted it to. If compared to the first LP there’s slightly more reverb and more chorus, which we believe fits the postpunky songwriting and represents our love of some 80‘s bands (We’re not going to mention by name here). It’s taken us almost a year from recording it to the release, so we’re stoked it’s finally out there.”

Check out the new album below:

You can order the record from Bandcamp or from Dirt Cult Records directly. Follow Dead Years on Instagram for future updates.
Photo courtesy of Instagram
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