Album Premiere: Dosser – Brainscan

Dosser formed in the summer of 2018 inside of a small, mouldy practice space in Baltimore City. After writing, demoing, and playing local shows for a little over a year, they recorded their first LP, Brainscan, with Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations.

Kevin’s experience recording louder, more abrasive bands like Full of Hell, Integrity, and Multicult helped Dosser form a fuller, heavier sound while also creating the 90s worship, indie rock record they wanted to make. On writing Brainscan, the band state:

“Dosser’s lyrics tend to shift between an internal battle with mental illness and a short, distant daydream. Bret and I try to write lyrics that are personal, but still vague enough to allow the listener to interpret them however they apply to their own lives.

The name Brainscan was taken from a mid-90s horror movie about a virtual reality video game, where gamers unconsciously commit homicide in real life while playing. The film reminded me of our own modern-day addictions to technology, and how we use it to create a ‘better,’ more presentable version of our lives to distract us from the bleak, harsh world we live in.”

You can stream our premiere of the entire LP a day early below:

On the new album, Dosser want you to know the following:

“Yes, we listen to a lot of Hum and Failure.”

Photo courtesy of Dosser.

Preorder Brainscan from Really Rad Recs here.

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