Album Premiere: Exedo – The Body Remembers

Exedo is a latin word meaning to eat up, devour, or consume, and it’s that single latin word that becomes the thematic basis for all of the songs from the band Exedo. Pulling from a wide range of musical styles from ’80s new wave and post-punk, to ’90s alternative, to punk and surf, the songs revolve around consumption-based themes from the wastefulness of modern resource consumption to how the void of absence and loss can feel like a devouring. It’s a brilliantly unique concept that has resulted in a fresh sound and style for this Chicago band.

Today the band are streaming their entire new album on Dirt Cult Records, The Body Remembers, one day before it hits streaming services. Pulling from that eclectic range of styles, The Body Remembers is a journey through many different styles of music, all pulled off equally well, and all united by lyrical themes.

“Our first full length is in many ways a distillation of the ups, downs, and growing pains of the band from its beginning in late 2019 until now,” explains Exedo guitarist David Wolf. “It’s hard to disentangle the record’s themes from the social, personal, and creative challenges of the pandemic, even though much of it was written before lockdown or after we provisionally emerged from it. Regardless of context, we can’t be happier to finally share these recordings outside of the close circle of people who helped make them happen.”

Check out the full album below.

The Body Remembers is out tomorrow, and you can order it from Dirt Cult Records. Follow Exedo on Instagram for future updates.
Photo courtesy of Exedo
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