Album Premiere: Gawn – Thee Essence Ov Everything

Out today, you can her Gawn’s Thee Essence Ov Everything with us first. 


Zach Koenig started arranging songs with Johns Swanson and James Francis around November 2018. Meeting up at a tiny rehearsal space in Brooklyn, NY every day after work and filling it up with every piece of gear they had. Writing, recording and having a roster of different musicians sitting in for gigs and recording sessions.
A few of them who stuck around are EP McRae (Drums), Kyu Lee (guitar), Anders Nils (bass), and Duke Taylor (guitar). After recording a bunch of material, Koenig decided to put a name on the project. After dealing with players who couldn’t play shows on a regular basis, the band started switching it up every show.
It kept it fun and a mystery to what the sets would be. After a year of playing the NYC and East Coast circuit, Gawn will release a nine-song LP in August called Thee Essence Ov Everything and plan on touring the U.S. in September. 
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