Album Premiere: Gill Brothers Band – ‘Gill Brothers Band’

The Gill Brothers are unleashing their self-titled, debut album, serving up revved-up rock ‘n’ roll that’s guaranteed to invigorate your eardrums. Check out the new album in full, streaming right here at New Noise.

The album starts on an explosive note and doesn’t hold back until the final seconds. The guitars shred, the leads are biting, the bass struts and drums pound persistently like a racing heartbeat. Their name is surely reminiscent of others in the same genre, though the group provides their own spin on the blend of blue and rock, with just a touch of country and psychedelic.

Jacob Gill chat more about writing and recording the new LP:

“We were just holed up in a wood shop on our parent’s property in the woods and we finally had enough time to make the record we had always wanted to make. So, we just hunkered down to do everything ourselves. We didn’t have a drummer or a bassist at the time, and if we did, COVID meant that we couldn’t be in contact with them anyway. We didn’t have a great group of backing vocalists, fancy microphones, or very much experience playing slide guitar. In many ways, this record represents what we hoped Gill Brothers Band could be, and it’s still inspiring us to chase that vision.”

Listen to Gill Brothers Band in full here:

For more from Gill Brothers Band, find them on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Gill Brothers Band

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