Album Premiere: Ill Communication – ‘Doomsday Brigade’

Hardcore troop Ill Communication are sharing their debut LP Doomsday Brigade, a piece of work that showcases the 20 years of friendship within the members of the band.

Ill Communication’s sound is a tribute to the old hip hop and punk groups that have influenced them for a long time. Doomsday Brigade’s vinyl will be distributed by Safe Inside Records, and the CD and tape versions will be distributed by Martyrs Records. The album’s lyrics deal with matters such as racism, friendship, and technological and political issues of current time.

Listen to the album here:

Vocalist Andy Franchere shares his thoughts:

“Having an ill time was the number-one priority while writing ‘Doomsday Brigade.’ We wanted to put out an LP people could listen to front to back and vibe with it.  We also wanted the songs to transition to the stage and inspire people to cut loose and participate. Vinnie Caruana (the Movieline) and Donny Phillips (the Warriors) where beamed in to the studio to help us achieve our goal. A few more friends lended us their vocal chords; a few lyrics were lifted, and what we got was 11 songs in 20 minutes with a little something for everyone. 

“The LP is a tribute to the bands like Inside Out, Turning Point, and 7 Seconds who inspired us as kids as well as bands like Terror, One Step Closer, and Dead Heat who inspire us now. We hope the people who enjoy hardcore music will buy a record, stream it online, or steal it off Napster, but you can find it at Heroes and Martyr Records, who is putting out the CD and tape version mid-April. The very crucial and colorful vinyl is being put out by Inside Records and is available now, so please head over to their website and snatch one up ASAP.”

Ill Communication

Doomsday Brigade’ was written by Ill Communication, engineered by Roger Camero, and produced by Vinnie Caruana and Donny Phillips.  Guest and back up vocals by the Ill-Cult.

Ill Communication:

Joe Martin: Bass
Matt Battiglia: Guitar
Andy Franchere: Vocals
Roger Camero: Drums & Guitar

The members of Ill Communication met in Tehachapi and Oxnard. The band are to play locally as well as at West and East Coast tours soon.

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Photo courtesy of Ill Communication

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