Album Premiere: Les Lullies – ‘Mauvaise Foi’

Franetic French rockers Les Lullies release New LP Mauvaise Foi through Slovenly Recordings. The band was formed in 2016 in order to tour and rock ’n’ roll. The band name came from when drummer Lully fell for a girl in Denmark. They continue to tour massively, and are very popular with the crowd. Mauvaise Foi showcases a killer, speedy, punk rock sound.

The artists describe the new album in their own words:

“No-frills and fast-paced punk rock with a few power-pop jabs every here and there. The title speaks for itself: if we’re wrong, we’ll keep being wrong and drive ourselves crazy.”

Listen to the album here:

The band share their thoughts about the song “Ville Musée”:

“Gentrification is creeping in all over our city centers like a blob; dry-cleaning everything and everyone in its path. Zealous rules are killing off the nightlife and bars. Our cities are increasingly tourist-friendly to the point where we feel we no longer belong here.”

Bassist Tboy describes the song “Soirée Standard”:

“Razor-sharp riffing and lyrical mischief make for a song celebrating the vital necessity of being shitfaced. A song featuring Aurore on vocals who also happens to be singing and playing guitar for Asphalt, Toulouse’s best French band in the world.” 

According to the press release:

The recording of the new album Mauvaise Foi  started in November 2021 at Château Vergogne, with Maxime Smadja (Rixe, BOSS, Condor, Digital Octopus) who brought all his savoir-faire to the band’s sound. Les Lullies didn’t want to repeat the same record as before, and they took time to write, record, and produce, due to the pandemic, while being stuck at home without touring. Mauvaise Foi touches on myriad topical themes ranging from serious to lighthearted, all while the pounding backbeat takes you on a wild 35-minute, punk-and-roll ride. Soirée Standard is a rock ‘n’ roll anthem which goes out to all their mates who spend their lives down at the pub.

Les Lullies

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Photo courtesy of Angie Couple

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