Album Premiere: Love Equals Death / The Static Age – 7″ Split

Love Equals Death is back! They haven’t released new material since 2006’s Nightmerica but their back with a vengeance now! And this time they are even teaming up with post-punks The Static Age (their name is a Misfits reference naturally) for a 7″ split. Both bands have crafted two songs for the release and all four are conjured from the pits of their dark imaginations to satisfy your need for ooky, spooky jams this Friday (that’s the day before Haloween if you don’t have a calendar, or your phone is dead, or you’re one of those freaks who intends to start their Christmas shopping this weekend! Freaks I say! Freaks!)

Because the New Noise crew’s loves a good scare, we’re premiering the full 7″ for you a few days early. Check out the full stream below and remember to check under your bed before tucking in tonight! Mwahahahahahaahah!

Love Equals Death were so excited about their songs for this 7″ that they gave us full explanations of both “Flight of the Banshee” and “Dust,” and you can read their comments below:

“‘Flight Of The Banshee’ was from an experience I [Chon] had while on Tour that took place at an old Texas campground that was said to have been the burial ground for victims of the Mexican Cartel. We were really tired of driving so we pulled over there at about 3 am and instantly started to see, hear, and feel what we could only conclude to be, a Banshee spirit experience.” 

“‘Dust’ is a very personal experience that I [Chon, again] had that lasted about four years that had me at odds with myself. Some days I would be strong and others I would almost feel a sense of depression and I felt that there was nothing left to do but rot in isolation, so I started writing my thoughts out and it was the world around me that had me bummed, so I realized that I couldn’t change the world but I could get myself out of the situation that I was in.”

The Static Age also offered their thoughts on one of their songs “Recover.” Check them out below:  

“The first song, ‘Recover,’ was revived from a spate of recordings from 2016. We’d played versions of the song on tours as early as 2014, but this version was actually recorded during Andrew’s own process of recovery following an accident. We ended up liking the demo vocals so much we kept the originals and built the song around them.”

Both bands will be doing live streams of their side of the 7″ for SBÄM Records this Friday. Check out SBÄM’s Facebook for details.

Pre-order the 7” through Say-10 HERE or SBÄM HERE.

Say-10? … Say-ten… Sa-ten… Satan. I just got that.

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