Album Premiere: Malguist – I

Philadelphia-based black metal duo Malguist release I via Knife Hits Records.

Malguist are a new black metal band formed by the duo of The Malguist and The Mongrel. With little information given about the band’s members or origin, we’re left with just the music of their first release, I.

A two-track effort, the band say, “This recording is the final product of a collaboration occurring in the summer of 2022, forming sonic terrain on which to prognosticate facets of demise. We endeavored to nourish ourselves, but there is room at our table. Don’t Pray. No self-serving divine contrivance will save us. Embrace decimation. An Illusory Apex. Christ just keeps on dying, and we aren’t too far behind. AI will not love, pity, or help us. We are a threat, and will be handled as such. Savor the irony that the ‘artificial’ intelligence ushering oblivion is more real than any God ever was. Ha. We are barely out of the jungle and on our way to the heap. Next.”

I sees release via Knife Hits Records on June 14. Preorder it here.

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