Album Premiere: Noisepoetnobody – ‘This City’

Noisepoetnobody is sharing his new full-length This City, which will be out on August 4 through Scry Recordings. The project is led by one Casey Jones. They have performed in many festivals and series including NorCal Noise Fest, Eugene Noise Fest, Olympia Experimental Music Festival, Litha Cascadia, and they are regular performers at Modular On The Spot & Modular Nights Seattle.

Listen to the album here:

This City Track Listing:

This City
Crush A Can
Parking Garage
Gears of Decay
Thought Traps
Thought Fragments

The band share their thoughts:

“Endless now
Endless nothing
Endless stars
End this hour
End the devouring
The light that filled the empty boat is from the forest burning to the ground.”


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Photo courtesy of Noisepoetnobody

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