Album Premiere: Ron Mist – A Celebration of Being Alive

Hyperpop dance producer Ron Mist is about to drop a whole mess of beats on you with his debut album, A Celebration of Being Alive out tomorrow, April 9, on Power Nap Records.

The premise of the record is a little silly but gets at something kind of important. Basically, aliens have invaded and have issued an ultimatum: Give us a reason not to destroy you. Ron Mist’s reply is clear and audacious. His reason for why humanity should be spared: ‘Cause we know how to dance, baby!

A Celebration of Being Alive is more than just an album long riff on that one Rick and Morty bit. It’s an invitation to do as it says in the title. Celebrate the fact that your still alive, while you can! Do the electric slide before you’re vaporized. Do that flossing thing before you get kidnapped by a tractor beam. Show the world your heart before a chest-burster pops it out like the cork of a bottle of merlot. But most of all, except that you have the will to move, and embrace it!

A Celebration of Being Alive has a lot of gems to share. Like the echo sputter glide of “Jeremiah,” which splits the difference between electric-church hymnal and a ’90s OS booting up. “A Sending” is a spacey trek to boldly vogue where no human has boogied before. “Oh BB” bristles with hypnotic bliss, while the soft revolutions of “Cycling” has a breathy quality to it that invites you to leave it all out on the dance floor tonight.

New Noise is very pleased to premiere Ron Mist’s debut album A Celebration of Being Alive for your streaming pleasure below:

What does Ron Mist have to say about his own album? Well, you can read for yourself below:

“Feeling like you constantly have to perform sucks. It sucks the worst when you’re on the dancefloor, ‘Blue Monday’ is playing, and your body is telling you to let it gyrate like you’re Moby Dick warding off Ahab and his crew but your ego is like, ‘WhAt iF peOpLe aRe WatCHing?’ These songs were made for the simple purpose of giving someone space to explore dancing beyond performance and find out what letting loose can do for their wounded soul. I thought I was going to release this jawn two years ago, but I had a lot of homework at the time and only had like 3 tracks done. I’m glad it took me (and the big beautiful team behind this record) until 2021 to complete A Celebration of Being Alive, because I now have a WAY sexier soundtrack to blast over the lies of existential dread trying to rear its head in every corner of our world. You look hilarious when you dance unapologetically; I hope one of these songs can make you cackle at your new moves.” 

Photo by Shauna Miller.

Preorder A Celebration of Being Alive here.

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