Album Premiere: Rough Kids – ‘The Black And White And Gray’

The third full-length The Black And White And Gray from LA’s Rough Kids showcases catchy but venomous punk that sits somewhere between Dangerhouse-era LA punk and the early Good Vibration Records singles.

Listen to the album here:

Band member Ethan shares his thoughts:

“When Tsubasa and I started this band in 2008, I can’t imagine either of us thought we’d end up making a record like ‘The Black and White and Gray’ some 15 years later. For this third album, we wanted to take the tempo down a bit, a nod to the class of ’77 when you could have great punk songs that maintained a certain energy level independent of playing speed.

“We also wanted to stretch things out a little on the songwriting end like third-album offerings from MIA or The Saints.  Tsubasa still threw a few heaters in there for good measure, nearly lighting his fingers on fire in the process while recording those guitar leads. Paul and Luis (who comprise the rhythm section) have never been tighter, and I sometimes feel guilty that we’ve tricked them into playing by our sides for 10-plus years. I guess this is more of a love letter to the band than an album promo, but we hope you all like it!”

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Photo courtesy of Rough Kids

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