Album Premiere: SaviorSkin – Omnipotence Of The Absolute

SaviorSkin return to HPGD with the new album Omnipotence Of The Absolute. Hailing from Houston Texas, SaviorSkin formed in 2018 and perform industrialized, gothic, doom/death metal.

Omnipotence Of The Absolute showcases eight morose hymns, each one a hateful mirror thrust into the faces of the indoctrinated. SaviorSkin take influence from post-punk goth to the death and doom metal of yore, along with industrialized pulsing machine rhythms and catchy sensibilities that most underground metal fear to tread.

SaviorSkin hover around the depths of doom, underneath it all the perfect machination of organized chaotic noises … experience the heaviness of one’s dark night, without the pain. Treacherous melodies imply a sense of light and salvation, but these are empty promises: the cold, relentless machinery that serves as the heart of this recording exist only to crush both idols and hope.

Omnipotence Of The Absolute features guest appearances by Kam Lee (Massacre / Death), Rogga Johansson (Paganizer / Ribspreader / Ghoulhouse), and Bobby Tufino (Dialogia). Descend into plains of burning crosses and the remnants of abandoned humanity—there can be no return! For fans of Amorphis, Fear Factory, Godflesh, Katatonia, Morgion, Novembers Doom, Paradise Lost, Samael, Swans, and Winter.

Check out our premiere of Omnipotence Of The Absolute and exclusive interview with the band below:

What was the writing and recording process like for the album?
Somnus Mortem: It’s always a painful process because these songs are so personal. I’m a pretty easy going guy until I get into the right frame of mind to write these ditties, and it gets dark. I do talk a lot about mental and religious abuse and its ramifications, and although I am referring to specific people somewhat involved in my life, I mask my pain metaphorically, so most can relate. Unless you’re a psychopath.

What are the lyrical themes on the record?
Somnus Mortem: The same as usual—my favorite topics death, impending doom, mental illness, depression, and religious / narcissistic abuse.
Not trying to solve any problems or any self-indulgent pseudo-intellectual theories or concepts, just pure, untethered emotional response.

Blackie Flawless: The lyrical themes scream pain, anger, hatred, abuse, and despair. This record shows no positivity whatsoever; it’s extremely dark and most certainly isn’t for just any audience. It’s basically a one-man war with himself raging in frustration on the edge of pulling the trigger. Anti-religion was another topic of inspiration for the record.

How much has COVID impacted things for the band?
Somnus Mortem: Not much really; we do miss playing live and playing with our friends. We’re mostly a studio band, and we
build songs/soundscapes that way. Me and Blackie rarely see each other, but that’s fine.

Blackie Flawless: It definitely has impacted us mentally. Our last live show was early March right before the outbreak, but it also gave us time to finish
the record.

Any plans going forward for touring, livestreams, or another record?
Somnus Mortem: There were touring plans last year, but damn COVID reared its ugly head. We’re trying to pick up where we left
off, so yeah, we’d love to tour the U.S. and Europe for this record. We are livestreaming to celebrate the album’s release on December 18,
8 p.m. central on our Facebook page, /saviorskindoom.

Blackie Flawless: I do look forward to future tours once things calm down. I’m hoping we can eventually tour out of state and play in other countries.
Definitely looking forward to the release and the livestream on the 18th.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Somnus Mortem: Definitely check out our album release show! Live streaming on Facebook on December 18, 2020, 8 p.m. central! Order the new record from HPGD! And you think we’re good enough, don’t keep it a secret! Tell everyone. You all deserve to be as miserable as I am.

Blackie Flawless: Thanks a lot to the fans and HPGD, go like the Saviorskin Facebook page if you haven’t already and keep up with us. And stay tuned for the stream.  

Photo courtesy of SaviorSkin.

Buy Omnipotence Of The Absolute from HPGD here

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