Album Premiere: Stormo – ‘Endocannibalismo’

Stormo’s steady rise from unassuming beginnings has been one of consistently stirring songwriting. Having amassed over 400 shows across Europe and the U.K.—including support slots to Converge, Full of Hell, and La Dispute, as well as appearances at Fluff Fest—Stormo’s next chapter sees the band fully come of age. This time, the band are sharing their full-length Endocannibalismo.

Endocannibalismo’s 11 tracks possess a crystalline clarity to service Stormo’s surging blastbeats, spiralling rhythms, and noise punk cacophony whilst staying true to the each songs deep seated primal nature.

Listen to the album here:

Vocalist Luca Rocco says:

“We wanted ‘Endocannibalismo’ to be a direct and caustic record; we tried to cut all the unnecessary to build a sound that embodies the harshness of the themes on the album.”

The band formed in 2007 in the Dolomite Alps region of Italy with a deep admiration for their native country’s hardcore punk luminaries in La Quiete and Raein, as well as ’80s and ’90s cult heroes in Negazione, Wretched, and Indigesti.

Sequestered into isolated reflection throughout 2020 and 2021, it was not long before the band found themselves ruminating on concerns far bigger than themselves—namely death and ecological endings. The end not only of themselves, nor the human race as a whole, but of the world as we know it. Upon discovering Brazilian photographer Claudia Andujar’s work on the Yanomami tribe, Stormo soon found themselves intrigued by the concept of endocannibalism—the practice of which includes consuming parts of dead relatives in a display of mourning and to free the deceased’s soul—leading the band to take on death and egotism as central influences for Endocannibalismo.


Lyrically, Endocannibalismo was written entirely in the band’s native tongue, partly as a byproduct of the albums nocturnal and instinctive writing process and partly in honor of their history as a band. Recorded and mixed by Giulio Favero (OvO, Buñuel, Zu) before being placed in the hands of Giovanni Versari (Muse, Raein, Verdena) at La Maesta for mastering, Endocannibalismo‘s 11 tracks possess a crystalline clarity to service STORMO’s surging blastbeats, spiralling rhythms and noise punk cacophony, whilst staying true to the each songs deep seated primal nature.

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Photo courtesy of Paola Paganotto

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