Album Premiere: The Ceiling Stares – Wicked Problem

Wicked Problem from The Ceiling Stares, out June 19, is the upbeat soundtrack you need for the revolution.

Throughout Wicked Problem, I highlight examples of cultural stupidity that puts our society into a corner, helping to create issues with seemingly no solution. Although a wicked problem cannot be solved, contributing elements such as gun worship, the local news, or poorly run cults, can be picked on mercilessly.

“One such wicked problem I return to explores the intersection between white trash, white supremacy, white privilege, and white fragility. There’s a lot of head-scratching logic, action, and support flowing from this nexus that should be excoriated ‘with extreme prejudice.’

“With that said, the current events make me optimistic that we are confronting this wicked problem. Let’s tear down those shithead, Confederate statutes. Let’s do it together with the help of some dance music!

Preorder the album here. 

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