Album Premiere: The Raging Nathans – ‘Waste My Heart’

The Raging Nathans are back with a brand-new LP, less than a year after their last full-length album and they’ve stepped it up in every way. Waste My Heart, out June 4 through Rad Girlfriend Records (USA) and Brassneck Records (U.K.), is the band’s fourth studio album and it sees a major development in the band’s songwriting.

New Noise are proud to premiere Waste My Heart in full below:

Drawing on influences from everyone from The Buzzcocks to H20, the evolution of The Raging Nathans is on full display on Waste My Heart. The band’s long-time songwriters Josh Goldman and Nick Hamby collaborative efforts really shine on the album. Tireless in their work and efforts, they have proved their importance as a band to their peers and to themselves every step of the way.

On the album’s release, songwriter Josh Goldman states:

Waste My Heart covers a lot of ground for us in terms of both the actual music and the subject matter. The themes are more serious and complex than our previous records and there is an overall feeling of frantic tension.

“Most of our songs usually deal with things that are intensely personal and while this record maintains those kinds of songs, we also have some songs that deal with more general issues like politics and class and things that have grown to be more concerning to us in the past few years.

“It’s the second record with the same line-up, and it’s an important one because I think that it really shows the growth of The Raging Nathans not only as a band but as people and songwriters.”

Recorded by Luke McNeil (The Copyrights, Hospital Job) and mastered by Stephen Egerton (ALL, Descendents), Waste My Heart cements the legacy of The Raging Nathans in stone as the world’s last great punk band.

Preorder and stream Waste My Heart here.

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