Album Premiere: The Shrieks – Ode to Joe

The Shrieks just released a new album entitled Ode To Joe. It’s a grand and ambitious record posing deep questions and searching for answers. Drawing on everything from ancient problems to the burning of Notre Dame, it is a truly deep and thoughtful offering from the band.

Ode to Joe is like imagining a garden where the flora and fauna are from all kinds of different planets, exploding into a kaleidoscope of sounds and influences and colors,” the band says.

“This album takes you to a powerful zen sate of mind. Not the kind in a lotus position, rather the kind that spins you like a top on a centrifuge, and you land where you may, if you ever do”

The Shrieks are a New York City rock ‘n’ roll band coming for your head. Building on the grand tradition of bands like the Ramones, Grand Funk Railroad, but above all, the Rolling Stones, they seek to rain down high-energy music across the city.

This is a band of consummate professionals who share a goal of crafting original music and unifying listeners. It builds on frontman Luis Accorsi’s unique life experience as well as the magic of the Big Apple. With an electric live show and songs to match, The Shrieks are on pace to take on the globe.

The band’s story starts in 1977 when the Italian-Venezuelan Luis Accorsi formed his first band, Janz Kappela, who were perhaps the first punk band in Venezuela. From there, life took him to New York City, where he launched a career as an art dealer and played countless shows at the legendary CBGB’s with bands like Manslaughter and Cracked Latin.

He had become a fixture of the scene. In 2014 The Flux Machine—was formed, bringing Accorsi back to the heart of New York City’s thriving rock and roll scene. A few years later, this would evolve into the musical entity now known as The Shrieks. They would release their debut record, 2017’s Chaos Road followed up by Toxygen in 2019.

Get the album here.

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