Album Premiere: Tony Baltimore – ‘Hello Bordello’

Tony Baltimore returns with his alt-rock and blues filled new album Hello Bordello, which is released through Conch Town Records. The album is produced by the highly renowned producer Ian Shaw (Primal Scream, Nick Heyward, Kevin Rowland).

Listen to the album here:

Tony shares his thoughts about the album:

“No one writes records anymore; it’s a singles-based industry now. That makes me a bit sad because reading the liner notes, listening to an entire record that had intent, purpose, and a story, is what made me fall in love with songwriting to begin with. Songwriting is the great joy of my life.

“When Mat Smith, the label head of Conch Town Records, asked me if I was interested in doing a follow-up to my last record, ‘Let’s All Go Insane,’ I was certainly interested because I knew exactly what I wanted to do. He’d asked me if I had the material to which I responded, ‘I have enough material to record five more records right now.’ But what I want to do is make a modern take on a 1970’s rock ‘n’ roll record. In my voice.”

Tony Baltimore

He adds:

“Fortunately for me, Mat believes in artistry and loved the idea of making a full-length record as opposed to appeasing the masses with immediacy. That’s what ‘Hello Bordello’ was born out of. The freedom to create & write. These songs belong together, they’re a family. Sonically ‘Hello Bordello’ is my love letter to the music that I love. Every lyric can be read as a poem; every bit of music has an intended meaning. My favorite songs on this record are five, six or seven minutes long. I was given freedom to create a tapestry I could pour myself into.

When you do that, when you purposely go against the grain you take a chance on yourself , you bet everything on yourself. I was allowed to do that, and I’m grateful for that. I’m not sure that’ll ever happen again. Making a full length record is an extraordinary experience; I hope that my people hear that when they listen to ‘Hello Bordello’ in its entirety, track by track.

This is how music is meant to be absorbed and enjoyed. This record is pure emotion from me and nothing short of that. If you can claw yourself as close to madness as mentally possible only to return with a beauty that you love, rest assured, you’ve given everything.”

Tony Baltimore

With supreme passion in his heart, Tony Baltimore hails from his home city of Key West, Florida, and aims to create music that is incomparable to any other around. Hello Bordello once again proves Tony’s unrelenting dedication to his art. You cannot just listen to the album once, as its sonic force makes you hit the repeat button as soon as you finish listening to it.

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Photo courtesy of Romi Burianova Photography

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