Album Premiere: Ûngrûn – Demo 2019

Prior to any language, there are the people. A culture, a history, which connects these people sometimes has to endure and fight, to make sure their right to exist is ensured. Ûngrun takes the Frisian myths and legends, and present them in a language which is inextricably entwined. A story is told best in the language it was written in. The Old Frisian translations of ancient runes form the basis of the lyrics to Ûngrun’s first release.

They recount the legends surrounding the formation of Frisia, told in the language used in the Oera Linda, an Old Frisian collection of myths which imply millennia of Frisian presence in the Old Lands. Allegedly, they were the basis of many of the rituals which still pervade Western existence. The mythological melancholy and the yearning for something greater than this has imbued the three tracks on the record, where pure black metal is mixed with the atmospheres of wind-swept fields and murky waters, the language of defiance and existence made flesh.

Ûngrûn features (ex)members of Verwoed, Dool, Lugubre and Kjeld

Demo 2019 is out today and available at

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