EP Premiere: Unholy Swarm – Exterminator

Columbus thrash/crossover act Unholy Swarm were described to us by their label as “heavy metal for hardcore kids,” and it couldn’t be a more apt description. Straddling the very thin line between metal and hardcore, whatever you call it, this band is just a brutal, all-out, explosive noise blitz with growling vocals and thick, booming guitar riffs. Today, they’re debuting their entire new EP called Exterminator, which is due out  tomorrow but you get a sneak preview today.

“Writing and recording this record was a blast,” the band say about their new EP. “I think we have expanded on our sound a bit (whatever the hell that means), while maintaining the things about our different influences that made us want to start this project to begin with. We returned to the incredible Mercinary Studios and worked for our second time with the great Noah Buchanan. Working with Noah is the best. I absolutely cannot stand recording vocals, and he somehow makes that process a lot more comfortable for me. He picks up on what you are going for and encourages you to put the pedal to floor, and drive that big bastard off a cliff. In the best possible way. If i had to give this record an overarching theme its that we fucked up….BIG TIME. The human race never seems to learn their lesson until something horrific happens. So we try to at least have a little fun with it. The world’s burning, and if we aren’t going to put it out, then fuck it man. Let’s have some fun.”

Check out the EP below.

You can order the album off the label’s Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of Unholy Swarm
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