Album Premiere: World I Hate – ‘Years of Lead’

World I Hate are sharing their new full-length Years of Lead, which is releasing on June 2 through WAR Records. The album was recorded by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording. World I Hate were formed in 2018, and since then, the band have gained a significant amount of praise for their music.

Listen to the album here:

The band have also answered a few questions about the record. Take a look below:

Years of Lead is coming out June 2 on WAR Records. How does it feel to see the momentum you have gained since the band was formed in 2018?

Hal (vocals): It’s been a really fun ride so far! Honestly, when we started, all we really wanted to do was make music that we liked and play some cool shows in Milwaukee. We’ve had a bunch of really cool opportunities, and it’s nice (if not a little weird) that people are paying attention. Personally, I’d be doing this whether anyone was listening or not. My main goal is still just making music about things I really care about with my friends.

Cody (drums): We first got together at the end of 2018, so about four years of time together. To me, it feels like a slow wind-up to a fast pitch. Since (our first EP) Collapse came out on Halloween 2020, I can’t believe how many people are rockin’ with us and the energy that the crowd gives back.

What are some of the influences behind your debut LP, Years of Lead?

Hal: Other bands on my list are No Tolerance, Infest, and The Rival Mob. I did take in my share of Italian History and political podcasts. Maybe a sprinkle of NHL Hotmic videos of hockey players talking trash to each other.

Cody: I’m always trying to get the band to write faster songs, and I almost exclusively listen to The Beach Boys, so I like to put some surf and experimental influence into the music. It’s important to me to be in the pocket, so I’m in caveman mode most of the time.

World I Hate

Can you tell us a bit about the recording process for Years of Lead?

Hal: We went to our friend and trusted colleague Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording. He also did Collapse, but this one we did over the course of three days instead of one afternoon.

Cody: To mirror what Hal said, the record was done live in a room with Andy Nelson and mastered by  Bradley Boatright at Audiosiege. We wrote the record in a room together as democratically as possible, so it only made sense to record it the same way as how we write and practice. You can see this in our live tracking videos here.

Milwaukee seems to have a very supportive scene. How does it feel to come from a place like Milwaukee and see the local scene popping off?

Hal: I Love it. I really like living in this city, and it’s so sick that things bounced back so hard after the pandemic. The city is small enough that we don’t have a lot of problems big cities do with music, but big enough that we have really good local turnout for nearly every show. There’s no bad attitudes or competition between any of the bands; It’s real cool. I’m pumped that bands like Enervate and Big Laugh are getting eyes on them.

Cody: I’m really dumb when it comes to knowing anything about the hardcore scene, but it’s insane here. The punk scene here is even cooler, in my opinion. It is a very strong community, and everyone just goes so hard for each other. So many different genres and scenes all show up for each others’ shows, and no one is too cool to talk to each other.  All the other scenes are taking off as well.

What are your thoughts on the current hardcore scene?

Hal: It’s an interesting time right now. It’s cool that with the internet and all parts and eras of HC being accessible, If there’s a sound you’re looking for, someone, somewhere has a band that is doing that specific sound. I don’t feel like there are a ton of things that feel very new or innovative anymore, but that might just be because I’m older now. I’m pumped that younger people are still starting bands and making stuff their own. That’s what always excited me the most.

What’s next for World I Hate?

Hal: Playing some really cool shows, hating the world even more, and just generally doing our best to have a good time.

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Photo courtesy of World I Hate

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