Album Premiere: Youff – ‘Heydays’

Belgian noise rock band Youff are sharing their full-length Heydays, which will be released tomorrow through Bagdaddy Records, Rockerill Records, and Love Mazout Records.

Listen to the album here:

Band member Michiel shares his thoughts:

“So, this album took us a bit longer then normally, probably because we added another member and went through a personnel change. Adding a second guitar meant searching for space in an already pretty saturated musical language. It really was a lesson in learning when to shut up. Sometimes fighting with each other (musically, that is), other times aligned in one—somewhat dark—harmonious groove. I guess it’s also the most varied album we recorded, there’s more melody, a bit more dynamic shifts. Or at least it seems like that to us. I want to be cautious with these kind of ‘our most … album yet’ remarks, because that’s probably the sort of stuff everyone thinks about their latest album, blinded by love for the young one, full of release relief, tooting their own pr horn, high fives all around. Always a bad idea to be your own judge. You do that.”

Watch the official clip for the album’s third single “Foreveroptimist” on YouTube:

Youff 2023 Tour Dates:

Oct 28 – Rennes, FR @ La Trinquette
Oct 30 – Vannes, FR @ Le Barailleur
Oct 31 – Chateaubriant, FR @ La Muloche
Nov 1 – Paris, FR @ L’International
Nov 2 – Troyes, FR @ The Message
Nov 3 – Lyon, FR @ Le Farmer
Nov 4 – Marseille, FR @ La Salle Gueule
Nov 6 – Ilirska Bistrica, SL @ MKNZ
Nov 9 – Kreuzlingen, CH @ Horst Klub
Nov 7 – Bratislava, SK @ Weranda
Nov 10 – Bern, CH @ Bar Regula
Nov 11 – Turin, IT @ Magazzino Sul Po
Nov 15 – Ghent, BE @ De Koer
Nov 18 – Brussels, BE @ Botanique
Dec 15 – Lyon, FR @ Grrrnd Zero


Youff were originally formed as a duo, which ultimately have transformed into a five-piece band. The new album is their seventh studio record. Heydays consists of nine unique pieces of sonic experience. Throughout the record, it is visible that the band know when to keep the music going and when it is important to halt.


Preorder Heydays here.

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Photo courtesy of Leon De Backer

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