Album Premiere: Yuko Araki – ‘End of Trilogy’

Yuko Araki is one of a number of young, female artists emerging from Japan that are redefining the outer boundaries of noise, post-industrial techno, and experimental electronics.

New Noise are proud to premiere Araki’s latest album, End of Trilogy, out April 2 through Room 40, in full below:

Raised as a pianist, Araki’s teenage obsession with metal opened a gateway towards various types of intense sonics. Exploring a range of diverse music projects over the past decade, her solo work re-solved in 2019 after she developed an approach to freeform analogue noise. Working with a reductive set of tools, her methodology was to create work that created a sense of timbral density and complexity through weaving together of competing elements.

End Of Trilogy pushes this approach outward—taking in almost Kosmische sensibilities—creating a sound that glints with the unsteady radiation of a dissolving pulsar.

The album is an offering of competing states of tension and release. It merges polychromatic pulses against waves of sheering noise and un-easy ruptures of sound. End Of Trilogy is a record of unpredictable momentum and tempered ferocity. Even at its most intense. Yuko Araki’s work maintains a sense of playfulness, and a determination not to succumb to mere sonic nihilism.

Drawing on techniques borrowed from 70s prog-rock and even free jazz, she dissolves expectation and in the process reveals an utterly personal approach to noise and experimental electronics. End Of Trilogy is not merely a conclusion, but rather an interrogation of what comes next.

On the release of the album, Araki states:

“I wanted to make an album which was structured by short length compositions, in contrast to my live performances, usually based on long form improvisations.

It all started when the pandemic began, everything was still very confusing but there was a clear feeling that tragedy was looming. I was getting sick of the invisible fear and, under those conditions of increased restriction and anxiety, decided to work on a more playful, radical and a bit chill approach to my music.”

Pre-order End of Trilogy here.

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