Album Premiere: Z9! – ‘We Don’t Come In Peace’

Z9! are a new project from Wisdom In Chains guitarist Richie Krutch, alongside rhythm section Evan (bass) and Luke (drums). The band’s debut EP We Don’t Come In Peace is out October 29 through Fast Break! Records.

Listen to our exclusive stream of We Don’t Come In Peace in full below:


“There was this secret society I read about that existed a long time ago. They would use the term Z9! to describe undesirables,” says Krutch as he describes the significance of his new project’s name. Though known for his long history in hardcore, the music he has created with this new project is a culmination of hard rock riffs, dark gothic tones and the raw but melodic hooks of British Oi.

The EP’s title track is what Krutch says about “someone who has taken a lot of garbage and now the tables have turned.” The “garbage” he refers to could be the pandemic, in which Z9! was formed, adding:

“Lyrically I’ve written two or three songs on every Wisdom In Chains album but never personally handled vocals. When we were sitting in quarantine, I was constantly writing but had these songs with the same kind of rock vibe, not necessarily what I would bring to Wisdom In Chains.  I started writing lyrics and when I played it for my band-mates Evan (bass) and Luke (drums) they said yeah, we’ll play on this.”

Perhaps the most surprising element of this EP is Z9!’s decision to cover alterna-radio staple R.E.M’s “The One I Love.”  Immediate and thundering, Krutch says of this song choice “I heard the song on the radio again recently and realized that the chords on it would sound great if it was beefed up to the extreme.”

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