Album Spotlight: Dewé – ‘Colors’

NYC-based sing-songwriter Adedewe Adesola Victor, known as Dewé, has released his latest album, Colors, a sublime, 10-track collection ranging from Afrobeat to Afropop to R&B, neo-soul, and more.

Dewé initially rose to fame as a finalist on The Voice: Nigeria and has since dedicated his time to nailing down his sound through a combination of genres and pushing to tell stories through his music.

Dewé chats more about what led up to the release of Colors:

”I was able to put that fame into use by creating afro/alternative music, but at that time, I was still in the process of discovering my sound. I left my country because I felt I had so much in me to share with the world, but my environment was the limiting factor, so when I got the opportunity to move, I took it instantly. I was also lucky enough to move with my younger brother, who is the current CEO of Alfeade Records.”

Dewé says music has always been like therapy to him, and seeing how much it had impacted his life made him realize it wasn’t an option to ever give it up.

“I love the whole package, and I am involved in all parts of my music creation, from production to writing, vocal backup, mixing, and video directing. I believe a song is a complete package that was initiated by the artist, and no one can see the message clearer than the creator, so it’s essential that the message is not lost in the process of refinement.”

Check out Dewé’s debut album Colors below:

For more from Dewé, find him on Instagram and YouTube

Photo courtesy of Dewé.

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