Album Spotlight: Petty Human Emotions – Self-Titled

Los Angeles indie rock band Petty Human Emotions are sharing their self-titled debut full-length. The record poses a deep, haunting atmosphere. Lyrically, it approaches a take on the universal human emotions that are not usually shared.

Listen to the album here:

Project founder James Nardiello talks about the origins and themes of the record:

“This is a collection of songs that share a tone and a feeling more than anything else. The feeling at the forefront of this project is simple melancholy, longing and loneliness. I felt inspired to include instruments that aren’t typical of the rock genre or to use them in ways that may be unconventional to experiment and execute this. The songs are all tied together musically and thematically in a more abstract way than I had previously written records.”

Petty Human Emotions was started as a solo project by singer/songwriter James Nardiello. Soon after finishing the album, Nardiello decided to form a full line up for live performances. Using social media, he found band members drummer Bruce Elmer, lead guitarist Austin King, bassist Ayden Bongiovi and key player Ian Phillips. Within a few weeks, the band got ready for live performances.

According to the press release:

Their first single, “Untitled” from the upcoming Self-Titled record was released on Valentine’s Day 2023 to all major streaming platforms and was accompanied by a music video directed by Nardiello, starring LynnStarr and himself.

Current Lineup:

James Nardiello – Guitar/Vocals
Bruce Elmer – Drums
Austin King – Lead Guitar
Ayden Bongiovi – Bass
Ian Phillips – Keys

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Photo courtesy of Petty Human Emotions

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