Album Spotlight: The GOAT – ‘The Details Are Vague’

Vancouver electronic act, trending DJ, and producer The GOAT has shared his most expansive creative statement yet with his new album, The Details Are Vague. Give the LP a listen right here at New Noise.

The GOAT is the alias of Chris Marcinikiewicz, who masterfully fuses a number of electronic genres, like techno, industrial, and ambient, to create his own, unique wall of sound.

The GOAT has performed electronic music throughout Western Canada since the early 2000s, sharing stages with artists like Chris Liebing, Layton Giordani, D-Unity, Ramon Tapia, Kevin Saunderson, Dave Angel, and Claude Young.

The GOAT is staying busy, too. Fresh off the release of the new project, he still plans an additional pair of follow-up EPs for later this year, with each featuring international remixers reworking tracks from the new album. The upcoming EPs are due July 8 and August 12 and feature mixes by MSTRKRFT, Risa Taniguchi, Joel West, ANNA V, MÆDON, and Alex Bau.

Regarding The Details Are Vague, Marcinikiewicz says the music didn’t come from an easy place.

“These last few years were very emotionally taxing and there was a lot of uncertainty with it,” he says. “As we all went through it, I felt like I wanted to tap into that. I wanted the unease of this past year to live inside the music. So you’ll hear a lot of depth to the design. A lot of techno draws from dystopian imagery and art concepts and things. I just wanted it to sound human. Nothing about it is pretty. And a lot of it will have frailty to it. It reflects how delicate we are as humans in life. But also how fickle people can be towards each other. ”

Listen to The Details Are Vague in full here:

For more from The GOAT, find him on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

Photo courtesy of The GOAT

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