EP Premiere: Absolute Truth – Where Does It Start?

Absolute Truth are sharing their new EP Where Does It Start?, which will be out on April 21 through War Records. The EP was recorded and engineered in February 2023 at Bricktop Recording, Chicago, IL by Pete Grossman. Backup vocals by were provided by Jaxon, Gav, Hannah, Grey, Anton, Nick, & Nate

Listen to the EP here:

Singer Chad Rapper from the band also answers some burning questions:

Where does the name Absolute Truth come from, and what does it represent?

Absolute Truth is often considered to be immutable and unchanging, and it is believed to provide a foundation for understanding reality in the nature of existence. All of us in the band have been straight edge anywhere from 10+ years to 30+ years so for us, straight edge is our absolute truth in terms of how we choose to live and how it’s positively impacted us.

For the uninitiated, how would you describe your sound?

I guess I’d have to say we’re traditional hardcore with a little bit harder of an edge. Often when one talks about faster hardcore people put you in the youth crew category and I definitely don’t think that fits us. While we all love that style, I think our sound is a little bit harder and not quite as simplistic

Absolute Truth

What is your favorite song on this EP, and why?

Right now I think my favorite song on the EP is “Bright Lights”. Musically I like how heavy the song starts out and then you have a sudden break with heavy bass bringing us into an explosive fast part, I really like the dynamics there. More importantly I like that the song lyrically is dealing with talking about depression in hopes of normalizing the conversation and making it so people are more comfortable discussing things when they might be feeling they’re in a dark place.

What can we expect from Absolute Truth in the future?

We are currently writing new music. We have our record release show in the works for early June here in Chicago and we’ll probably be playing Madison Wisconsin also in June. Other then that we’re really just focusing on getting tighter and playing as many shows as we can. We’re also hoping to possibly hit the West Coast for a week during the summer so fingers crossed.

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Photo courtesy of @saintmothermedusa

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