EP Premiere: Bye Bye Tsunami – Self-Titled

Denmark experi-metal/post-mental band Bye Bye Tsunami are sharing their self-titled EP, and you can stream it in full here at New Noise.

The trio—Lorenzo Colocci (flute, flaubosax, electronics), Søren Høi (drums), and Uldis Vitols (bass)—captured the attention of the public with their unique sound, finding delight in the entropy of noise, employing disrupted rhythms around unique, self-built win instruments and heartbreaking cyborg screams.

The debut EP was recorded in Copenhagen in September 2020 and sees the core three piece joined by guest vocalist Praytell. The record was mixed by Marco Colocci and features art by Nathan L. The aesthetic and video works merge together to further the band’s vision of a dystopian universe, despite its frenetic nature, possessing a sense of poetic and emotional sensibility, raising questions about the role of social media, advertising, and gender in today’s world.

Regarding the new release, the band say, “This EP is the story of the music of the future.”

Stream Bye Bye Tsunami here:

For more from Bye Bye Tsunami, find them on Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of Bye Bye Tsunami and Aurelijus Užameckis

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