EP Premiere: Carrie Feller – Damage Orbit

Out July 10, check out Carrie Feller’s latest record, Damage Orbit. 

I wrote Damage Orbit while I was emerging from some of the hardest years of my life, dealing with anxiety and depression, health issues, death, and illness in my family, and struggles in my personal relationships,” says Carrie Feller. “I had no intention of writing new music at the time. It seemed impossible. I was a wreck and wanted to party and avoid what was happening with me at all cost. But the songs just came out, one after the other.

“I realized I often write music this way, feeling possessed by things that are haunting me that I need to forcibly remove from my system. Recording and performing these songs has been therapy for me. It has been a way to move on and create a new version of myself.”

preorder the record here. 

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