EP Premiere: Culture Spy – ‘Demo’

Culture Spy are sharing their new EP, Demo, and you can catch it right here, premiering on New Noise.

Jeff Wright began writing and recording Culture Spy songs in early 2020 as a home project during the pandemic.

“My stomach started to churn from not playing as much music as I’d like in early January, so I put out a call to find someone who could help me complete the songs by adding a final piece: vocals,” Wright says. “Jordan (Sobolew) answered that call with some of the most poignant, unique, and pissed-off shit I have ever heard. His themes of global existential dread and misanthropy are so on point, it’s not even a joke.”

The EP was recorded and mixed in full by the duo, who are also both audio engineers, and mastered by Alberto De Icaza.

“We finished five songs over the course of a few months and in a whirlwind move just booked our first show,” Wright adds. “A few friends will join us on stage to bring this lil 10-minute ripper to life in Oakland on June 18.”

Listen to Demo in full here:

For more from Culture Spy, find them on Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of Culture Spy

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