EP Premiere: Dead Register – ‘Don’t Fail Me’

Atlanta, Georgia-based post-rock/avant-garde doom trio Dead Register are set to release their expansive maxi-single/EP, Don’t Fail Me, alongside their most intricate visual creation to date with a live-action puppet video.

New Noise Magazine is proud to premiere Don’t Fail Me in full below:

On the EP, the band states:

“‘Don’t Fail Me’ is a standalone single recorded in an attempt for us ancients to stay active. Much like a nursing home trip to the mall for weekly early A.M. jazzercise. The song deals with feelings of hopelessness, inadequacy, death, compounding soul-crushing depression, mundanity of life, overcompensation, self-reliance, and ghosts.

Included with the single are three soundboard songs live from LaFayette: ‘Fiber’ (Fiber LP), ‘Ender’ (Captive EP), and ‘Circle of Lies’ from our unreleased 2021 LP. ‘Failed’ is a remix from Lament Cityscape, who we were supposed to meet up for some 2020 West Coast dates. Alas, that FAILED so we have a remix as a consolation prize.”

The husband-and-wife team of M. Chvasta and Avril Che burst through the gates forming Dead Register in late 2013, bringing on a live drummer in early 2014. The DIY-lifers have since produced three critically acclaimed independent releases on their own AVR label (plus a reissue of the Fiber 12” on Throne Records) and have created four music videos fuelled by shoestring budgets and the graciousness of their friends and community.

They have toured the US and Canada in support of their Fiber LP and Captive EP and intend to cultivate a life on the road. A large selection of new material is steadily being recorded in-house by drummer, R. Garcia, including the band’s new LP, which is now complete.

On their most epic song yet, “Don’t Fail Me” comes to life through an intense new live-action mixed-media puppet extravaganza which portrays the emotional depths of the song’s lyrical focus as an official music video. Crafted by Avril Che and M. Chvasta, the video marks the band’s fifth DIY visual production and the band’s first-ever foray into puppetry.

Watch the live-action puppet video for “Don’t Fail Me” below:

Pre-order and stream Don’t Fail Me here.

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