EP Premiere: Dog In A Man Suit – ‘Trapped!’

Post-punk/alternative band Dog In A Man Suit are sharing their new EP, Trapped!, and you can catch it streaming in full right here at New Noise.

The band began as a long-distance collaboration between guitarists Billie Seeland and Anjali Nair, influenced by the raw angst of New Jersey DIY and the Massachusetts garage-punk scene. They reunited a few years later, after collaborating hundreds of miles apart on a number of track, adding Christ Seeland on bass along with an ever-rotating selection of drummers.

Dog In A Man Suit say that the EP was inspired by the time period in which the band first started recording it: in lockdown during the early pandemic. Aside from the obvious meaning, Trapped! also references the discrepancy between an individual and how they feel they are perceived by those around them, “trapped” by perception.

Diving into recording was a good way for the members to stay creative and “avoid the ambient sense of dread in the air,” they say, and since they created the project themselves, they were on their own time table to fine tune the details.

Two years later, they are eager to release the EP and say a big part of this release is moving forward. Especially looking at their return to live shows over the past few months, they say they’ve seen have much they’ve grown, both as musicians and people, and they’re already hearing the seedlings of new sonic directions for the band, which they began playing with on the new EP.

The band members also revealed some of their favorite tracks along with today’s exclusive New Noise premiere. Take a look:

Anjali (she/her, guitar and vocals): The song I’m most proud of on the EP is definitely “Weirdos”—It’s one where we really started to experiment with some new tones and instrumentation. And I love that it has a surprising arc. It starts off with a classic stoner-rock riff, but then the song veers off in a totally different direction. Throughout the song, there’s a back-and-forth between lightness and intensity, musically. This kind of mirrors the themes of the song, which is about avoiding vulnerability and intimacy, but craving it at the same time.  

Billie (they/them, guitar and vocals): I think “Floodgates” is a great example of us really building up the dynamics over the course of a song. The types of guitar parts that Anjali and I wrote play off each other more intentionally. There are some really cool moments where we diverge then come together again, especially in the solo section leading into the last chorus. 

Chris (he/him, bass): My favorite song from the EP is “Can’t See It Changing.” It was one of the first times I have been part of the writing process for the songs in the band. With the bassline just constantly moving, it’s such a fun song to play.

Thomas (he/him, drums): I think “Can’t See It Changing” was my favorite to record. Most of the tracks took a long time to get to the right part, but this was a big, thrashy rocker that just made sense to me right away. So I kept it simple and was able to get it in just a few takes. When I heard the final mix of the song for the first time, I was floored by how hard the breakdown and end goes—And I absolutely love the interplay between Billie and Anjali’s vocals.

Presave the EP here, and listen to Trapped! in full below:

For more from Dog In A Man Suit, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of Chris Mansfield

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