EP Premiere: Dream Racer – ‘Gloomy Eyes’

Coming out of Southern California, Dream Racer are an emerging, pop-punk act led by vocalist/guitarist Robert Rodello, lead guitarist Manny Arrendondo, bassist Anthony Bueno, and drummer Michael Raso.

Nostalgic for the scene that championed bands like Midtown, The Early November, and New Found Glory, Dream Racer follow in their shoes with emotionally driven hooks and emotive writing that recalls Drive Thru Records’ heyday through a modern lens.

New Noise are proud to premiere the band’s debut EP, Gloomy Eyes, in full below:

The impetus behind their debut EP, Gloomy Eyes, came out of a breaking point for Rodello. Growing up always feeling like an outcast, latching to the punk rock communities in L.A. and Riverside were the only times he always felt at home. Now, in his 30s with a family and career, Rodello found himself burnt out and longing for his golden days in the punk scene.

“Coming into 2020, life had me extremely overwhelmed, which brought me to a tipping point, and I knew I had to break free,” Rodello adds. “I hit my ‘fuck it’ moment, which led me to go out and buying an acoustic guitar. That day, I felt madly inspired from my roots of being a punk kid, and my veins began pumping with a passion to play music again.”

Eventually, Rodello cobbled together a band of friends from his scene years with Floridian transplant Raso on drums. The newly minted Dream Racer found common ground in detailing the rough, human moments that come with adulthood, believing that there is more to live for, and trusting in love as the bridge to get you there, even through the lens of gloomy eyes. Lead single “Let’s Go Home” is a perfect synthesis of this headspace, detailing the work it takes to sustain a long-term relationship.

“This song was a mixed bag of emotions during the writing process, partially joyous in how love is so powerful it can bring two people together, but also a reflection on how easily we let that slip away if we don’t believe in it anymore,” says Rodello.

More than anything, though, Dream Racer are the palpable collaboration of four best friends in their early 30s that have grown up, been through life, and united together around a sound that has defined their journeys. Gloomy Eyes is the sound of a band with a united goal: to write and perform passionate music that the rest of the world can enjoy and be inspired by.

On the EP’s release, drummer Michael Raso states:

“The concept behind Gloomy Eyes is inspired by the internal war our singer/songwriter Robert was fighting throughout 2019-2020. The struggles that come with growing up and the burdens of life are things all of us can relate to no matter the different paths we took that ultimately led us back to the same place. Growing up an outcast, the punk rock community was somewhere that always felt like home to Robert and many of us alike.

Flash forward to his 30s with a family, career and unfulfilled dreams, Gloomy Eyes paints the story of a lonely guy who believes there is more to live for, and that love can be the bridge to get there even if it’s through the lens of gloomy eyes.”

Preorder Gloomy Eyes here.

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