EP Premiere: Finnoguns Wake – Stay Young

Finnoguns Wake are releasing their debut EP, Stay Young on January 26 with the assistance of What’s Your Rupture. Stay Young was recorded at Electric Avenue Studios. It was produced by Michael Oldsex and engineered by Phillip Punch. As for mixing and mastering, it was done by Sina “Mailer Daemon” Djavadkhani.

Finnoguns Wake are a two-piece band featuring Shogun and Finn Berzin. Despite being decades apart in age, Shogun and Finn are united in tutelage and outlook. After the departure of his best friend, Shogun started spending some time with his friend’s younger brother, Finn. They began to spend free time together, with Finn still figuring out the world of music and Shogun having some experience within in it.

After Finn got himself a guitar, and a few jam sessions, the songs came naturally to the two of them. So far, they have crafted the four debut songs of the Stay Young EP from the inside out, allowing for a melodic combination of riveting, deafening smear of melodic pop and buzzsaw guitars. Shogun sings on “Blue Skies” and “Strawberry Avalanche,” and Finn takes the lead on “So Nice” and “Lovers All.” Backed on these recordings are keyboardist, Gabrielle De Giorgio, alongside bassist, Campbell Troy, and DMA’s drummer Liam Hoskins.

Stay Young Tracks:
1. Blue Skies
2. So Nice
3. Lovers All
4. Strawberry Avalanche

Stream Blue Skies here.
Stream Lovers All here.

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