EP Premiere: Locked In – ‘The Solemn Leap’

After releasing an explosive comeback EP last December, Italian hardcore outfit Locked In are back with a new chapter in their saga: The Solemn Leap EP, out April 23 through Epidemic Records.

It’s a ferocious beast of shredding riffs, angry vocal lines, banging drums, and intense lyrics, a balanced mix between hardcore punk and metal, personal yet direct, both spontaneous and reflective.

New Noise are proud to premiere The Solemn Leap in full below:

After a seven-year hiatus interrupted by their previous EP, Not Dead Yet, Locked In are in great shape, albeit with some line-up adjustments (one of them being Tommy, former guitarist in the metal juggernaut Fleshgod Apocalypse).

The Solemn Leap features remarkable guests that enhance the quality of the songs on four out of five tracks: Samall Ali (from Slander), Lorenzo (from Hierophant), Josh (from To Kill and Galeforce), and Inno. The content of these songs is incredibly intense, and this particular moment in history we are all living in makes this record even more meaningful.

On the release of the EP, the band state:

“In the last year, we had the chance to experience confinement and fear. Awful times came in conjunction with the chance to meet ourselves. This extraordinary event put a strain on several people and some of them, unfortunately, did not make it. We decided to dedicate our thoughts to those who couldn’t have faith or take one more step to save themselves and avoid misery. It is not a matter of religion, nor a matter of self-determination. What we mean by ‘faith’ is a moment of lucidity when we trust in what we can do as human beings and what we can do as individuals with their own limitations.

The awareness that sometimes we need to make a change without conditioning nor second thoughts. Sometimes, it all really comes down to a precise moment. It is a moment of quietude, a moment of clarity, a solemn instant when we can make a choice that will keep everything up and change everything at the same time.”

Preorder The Solemn Leap here.

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