EP Premiere: Rough Dreams – From the Graves of Better Days

Knoxville, TN’s Rough Dreams will release their new covers EP From the Graves of Better Days on February 5t via 59 X Records. The first single, the band’s reimagined take on the Thrice hit “The Artist in the Ambulance,” was followed by the groups take on Grade’s “Termites Hollow.”

Stream the entire album a day early, and check out our track-by-track interview with the band below:

Below is a track-by-track breakdown from the band on the new EP by vocalist/guitarist Chris Suggs:

The Graves of Better Days
“The past is dead. You can never go back and live there, but sometimes it is nice to visit and leave flowers. That is exactly what we wanted to do with From the Graves of Better Days. This EP is our tribute to an era that passed two decades ago but left such an impact it still feels like yesterday. The five tracks we chose each occupied a different place in the early-2000s landscape, but all contributed one way or another to our sound.”

The Artist In The Ambulance (Thrice)
“We chose ‘The Artist in the Ambulance’ as the leadoff single for the EP because it is such an immediately passionate, hard- hitting, yet catchy song. Capturing the energy and intricacy of the original was a challenge we pushed ourselves to the limit for. We knew that we had to step up our game to do justice to the fluttering, spastic guitar work and soaring vocals and couldn’t be happier with the end result. We filmed a video for it in a multi-level, abandoned school in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania and it was an incredible experience as well. The director, Kurt Fowles, captured the lonesome, forgotten beauty of the once-majestic school in every shot, and it fit the style and theme of the song perfectly.”

Termites Hollow (Grade)
“’Termites Hollow’ is probably the least-known track on here, but an absolute powerhouse of a song by a very underrated band, Grade. It gave us a chance to utilize all three vocalists in the band and push ourselves to extremes to capture the tortured, guttural yells of the original. This one translated to our sound very naturally, although it was definitely a step outside of our comfort zone. The end result is a track that even the original band got behind and shared very encouraging words with us over. That support was a major motivation to us that reinforced that what we are doing here was purposeful and worthwhile.”

Nights Like These (Lucero)
“At first glance, this song seems like the wild card pick for the EP, but at its core, Nights Like These is lyrically and emotionally incredibly similar to the other songs we wanted to honor. Being a band from Tennessee, Lucero has been a massive influence on all of us, and we’ve each spent many nights drinking whiskey and listening to their records on repeat with tears in our eyes. Our song “Her Name was the Road” from our first EP is a major nod to Lucero, as well as being one of our most requested songs, so including them on here was an easy choice. While we kept the core of this song the same, we used our own instrumentation and approach, and the result is even more heavy and deep than we expected.”

At Your Funeral (Saves The Day)
“This song has been a staple of our live set since our very first show. Even after playing this song for so long, it has lost none of its spark or emotion to us and is one of those songs that we know will always get a good response. The combination of the upbeat music with such mournful, distressed lyrics is a formula that is close to our hearts, and the influence can be heard on many of our originals.”

“From the Graves of Better Days” will drop on February 5t via 59 X Records. The band has also completed their first LP that will be out in 2021 via 59 X Records.

Knoxville, TN’s Rough Dreams initially formed in the summer of 2018 as a side project by singer/guitarist Jake Jones and drummer Paul Lowe. The idea was to create a sound reminiscent of late-’90s/early-2000’s emo with a pinch of grunge and shoegaze. The band quickly became their prime focus and soon found themselves a full lineup with enough songs to record and hit the road.

The band recruited ex-Swellers vocalist Nick Diener and Whitechapel guitarist Zach Householder to help engineer what would become their debut four-song. After releasing the record on Knoxville-based, indie label Coffin Curse Records in the winter of 2019, Rough Dreams immediately hit the road to support the release. After clocking in 50 shows across the Midwest, Southeast, and east coast United States in their first year as a band, Rough Dreams then signed with Atlanta, Georgia-based 59 X Records.

Rough Dreams are Jake Jones (vocals/guitar), Chris Suggs (vocals/guitar), Matt Isbell (bass), and Paul Lowe (drums).

Photo courtesy of Rough Dreams.

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