EP Premiere: The Firnats – ‘Toward a Beacon’

Initially started as a project between two friends in Herndon, VA, The Firnats crafted their unique gloom-indie sound in the DMV’s hole-in-the-wall bars and DIY basements.

New Noise are proud to premiere the band’s latest release, Toward a Beacon, in full below:

The Firnats fourth musical project, Toward a Beacon, illuminates the evolution of the band’s music and presents a subtle shift away from previous work. Although the ‘50s doo-wop and ‘00s indie influences remain on the EP, Toward a Beacon is discordant, unbashful, and ripe with post-punk tendencies.

Lush instrumentals carry the listener from invigorating high points to trembling low points. Allegorical lyrics and a baritone voice paint portraits of a grim, yet hopeful, world. Toward a Beacon exudes a newfound maturity from the ever-evolving Firnats.  

On the EP’s release, Sean Flanagan states:

“This EP speaks to me pretty personally. When I was a kid in Korea, I grew up in somewhat of a fanatical religious environment, where God was supposed to be the answer to everything. Exorcisms, speaking in tongues, and all-day worship sessions were pretty much a weekly thing for me. As I grew older and more agnostic I kind of thought, ‘Hey, maybe God isn’t what I’ve been told it is.’

I think this EP draws a bit from those experiences. At the end of the day, no matter what they’ve gone through, human beings have this unique ability to create their own hope, and that’s how I think humanity has managed to survive. For me, hope is God, God is love, and love is ubiquitous. And that’s all that really matters.”

Stream Toward a Beacon here.

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