EP Premiere: The Mary Veils – ‘Somewhere Over the Rowhome’

Drawing inspiration from The Dickies, BLURT, and ’60s Texas garage punk, Philly garage punk outfit The Mary Veils are releasing their latest EP Somewhere Over the Rowhome on November 5 via PNKSLM Recordings.

Listen to Somewhere Over the Rowhome in full below:

What began as the solo project of frontman Brian Von Uff is now a fully-fledged, incendiary punk four-piece, with drummer Evan Wall, guitarist Drew Mann and bassist Justin Mansor rounding out the new line-up.

Taking their cues from the classic groups like New York Dolls and Johnny Thunders, the sheer energy and inventiveness of Somewhere Over the Rowhome’s four tracks recall the mind-melting contemporary sounds of acts like Osees and Hot Snakes. The EP was mixed by Cory Hanson and seasoned Philly producer Jeff Ziegler (Kurt Vile/The War on Drugs).

On the EP’s release, the band states:

Somewhere over the Rowhome is a great blend/showcase of our band’s direction. It’s all the musical taste and styles each member loves thrown into the Mary Veils blender. That’s why we’re very excited to put out this EP on PNKSLM because it’s a good mix of what the label has already been known for.

“Each song on the EP varies stylistically on purpose. We don’t write just punk songs or just garage songs. We love all kinds of different genres. We hope that listeners hear that we’re not just one flavor. I like listening to albums that each song brings something completely different than the one before, but it still fits.”

Preorder Somewhere Over the Rowhome here.

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