EP Spotlight: Old Moon – ‘In The Wasteland’

New Hampshire dream pop/post-punk project Old Moon have released a new EP, In The Wasteland, and you can listen right here at New Noise.

The EP follows a productive 2021 for Old Moon’s Tom Weir, who released his acclaimed full-length LP Altars, along with the compilation Dream, Sleeper.

The new album takes the familiar post-punk sound featured throughout Old Moon’s discography and strips it down to its barest elements. It will be the first of three releases for Old Moon this year, with another EP and a second full-length planned for later in 2022.

Weir chats more about the making of the album and the sounds he explored:

“With In The Wasteland, I wanted to move away from the blown-out, post-punk sound of my previous releases and strip the music down to its more basic elements. The songs are more straightforward, yet they pull from the same well of vibe and influence; you can still hear slinky bass lines and echoing guitars but it’s all more upfront—less buried in the haze.

“I recorded and mixed this EP at home in New Hampshire during one of the last weeks of autumn before the snow and cold arrived, and I think that sense of fleeting beauty really inspired these new songs. This will be the first of three physical releases for Old Moon this year, all of which I will be self-releasing”

Stream In The Wasteland here:

For more from Old Moon, find him on Bandcamp and Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Old Moon

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