EP Spotlight: The Difference Between – ‘Detach: Envenom’

Chris Roberts, the founding vocalist for pop/post-hardcord band Emarosa, takes the lead on a new project, The Difference Between, joined by members of Softspoken and A Scent Like Wolves and dropping their debut EP, Detach: Envenom.

The debut EP is heavy and ambitious, drawing on the talent and experience of each band member’s storied history.

The Difference Between broke down the EP track-by-track for us, the perfect way to get more familiar with the new project as you listen:

1. Envenom: (struggling with my inner monologue and using alcohol as a crutch to cope. Everyday feels like the one before. Everything feels like a drunken haze.)

“I wrote the lyrics about an inner monologue I had with myself at this bar next to my apartment. My specific intent was going there to have a few drinks to forget about a few things that were weighing on my mind. I’m sitting there alone looking at all these empty plastic shot glasses laying all over the bar, and I couldn’t help but see them as casualties of some self-loathing war inside my head.

“All that’s left after is emptiness. This song is kind of a self-realization that I’m on a self-destructive path. Using drinking as a crutch while unknowingly alienating the people around me. Becoming more bitter by the day that I’m alone but also myself being the reason I’m alone. My own worst enemy. Being OK in the fire I created.”

2. Avail: (Instrumental) We added this track as a bridge to tie the two songs together conceptually.

3. Detach: (disassociation, pushing people away. Basically, giving up trying to manage personal relationships with anyone. As it seems like no one can help anyways, and you always feel a stranger in a crowded room.)

“Detach – Stuck in a pattern of complacency, I can’t honestly remember the last time I actually felt something. Finding comfort in the isolation I created. The feeling of constantly being at war with yourself while trying to maintain a mask of normalcy. One day realizing people aren’t around me because I don’t even want to be around myself. Detached from myself and everyone around me. The chorus is a plea for spiritual relief but at the same time I won’t hold my breath. Acceptance that maybe this is just what I’m meant to be.”

Check out the new EP Detach: Envenom below:

For more from The Difference Between, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of The Difference Between.

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