EP Spotlight: Walk the Plank – Loathe

Washington, D.C. birthed one of the greatest hardcore punk scenes in history back in the 1980s, and Walk the Plank demonstrate that that scene is still producing high quality bands. Ever since the release of their self-titled first demo in 2010, Walk the Plank have been making a name for themselves as purveyors of blistering modern hardcore.

Today, we’re highlighting the release of their new EP Loathe which they put out earlier this month, marking their first new release since their 2018 EP Void Treader. Loathe is six tracks of hardcore that’s about as heavy as it gets, featuring gruff and aggressive vocals that perfectly compliment the furious, gnashing guitars.

“I was living alone in Washington, D.C, at the time,” explains vocalist Ian Crocker about the new release. “There was a lot of toxicity and negativity around me. Both socially and on a larger-scale, globally. These lyrics are a manifestation of those emotions and a commentary on what I was seeing every day.”

Check out the powerful new EP below.

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Photo courtesy of Walk the Plank

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