Album Premiere: Megatherium – ‘God’

Heavy sludge and doom maniacs Megatherium are set to release their blistering, second studio album titled GOD on April 9 via Argonauta Records

Following the band’s critically acclaimed, 2016, debut record, Superbeast, Megatherium offer a wide-open arena full of blistering riffage and rhythms, outstanding vocals, and an apocalyptic sound supported by the clever use of keyboards.

This is a dark blend of sludge and doom crammed full of powerful, raw-yet-clean vocals; scorching, low-tuned guitar riffs; bone-crushing bass, and grooves. Becoming a witness of the Megatherium sound feels like running over a huge wall of heavy, distorted tunes that hit you like a sledgehammer, pulverizing all of your senses!

Megatherium Are:

Manu – vocals, fx
Tode – guitar
Zek – bass, vocals
Torre – drums

Follow them on Bandcamp to hear more. 

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