Track Premiere: Gina Volpe – ‘Delete The World’

There’s more to Gina Volpe’s music career than just co-founding seminal NYC punk band Lunachicks and the heavy groove-rock outfit BANTAM. She’s maintained a solo career over the past seven years with three EPs that demonstrate her songwriting versatility being way more than just the firebrand punk rock fury her career is closely aligned. Now Volpe adds her first full-length solo, Delete The World, which will be released this Friday. 

To commemorate the announcement, New Noise is premiering the record’s self-titled fourth single, which fuses a nostalgic-sounding late 90s/early 2000s hard rock sound brushing along the pop spectrum in part to Volpe’s trademark crunching riffs over her melodic vocals. 

But Delete The World‘s songwriting contains other fringe genre aspects with the dance-punk feel of “Drink Me” to the brooding, robotic riffs of “Escaped From The Lab.” The music comprising Delete The World doesn’t stray from her catalog’s historical genre vein. Still, she doesn’t limit herself by only catering to fans of the usual straight-ahead punk rock sound Volpe’s been synonymous with throughout her songwriting career. And that’s the point: since Delete The World is a self-release, Volpe is unbeholden to a financing imprint and has zero risk of running into outsider-influenced creative roadblocks.  The album plays out like an “audience comes last release,” with Volpe showing the depth of her songwriting due to her ability to create within paralleling genres her audience normally wouldn’t associate with her music. It’s another notch in Volpe’s diverse career belt across graphic design and music in retaining 100% control over her work and creative output.

Volpe regularly updates her work and art on her Linktree, which holds the other three singles off the forthcoming LP. Delete The World will be available on all streaming platforms on February 23rd, with a vinyl release coming soon; you can pre-order the album via her Bandcamp

Photo courtesy of Jayme Thornton Stanzii.

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