Interview: Alt-pop Songstress Cami Petyn Shares ‘Care Less,’ Talks Favorite Alternative Albums

Cami Petyn has smashed her way through the doldrums of 2021 with a series of singles that have explored the fiery, alternative side of pop. “Psycho Bitch” and her latest single “Care Less” (streaming below) are masterful alternative pop tunes that have a sonic sensibility and attitude clearly influenced by metal and punk rock.

We sat down with Cami to talk about her top four non-pop albums and how they’ve inspired her VERY pop output. Check it out below, and enjoy the lyric video for “Care Less”—streaming now! 

“I always joke that if there’s something I hate about myself, I WILL make it into a song—and ‘Care Less’ is exactly that. I wrote the song while feeling pissed off with my inability to stop giving a fuck. I tend to overthink and care too much (about everything lol) and ‘Care Less’ is my expression of wishing I could just turn my brain off and well … care less. I feel like the song is a mix of being both emotional yet funky and laid-back, which I think perfectly describes my internal battle.”

Top four alternative albums: 

  1. Litourgiya – Batushka: this is a pretty obscure pick, BUT this Polish metal band stole my soul when I first listened to them back in 2016 and their album “Litourgiya” is still one of my favorite metal records. They sing in an archaic Slavonic language which, of course I can’t understand BUT it creates such a unique, dark, and godly atmosphere. Every song makes me feel like I’m in a secret cult, which I love.
  2. In Utero – Nirvana: this album is not only sonically phenomenal but it will forever have a sweet spot in my heart as it got me through some of my hardest years. When I used to visit Seattle, I would visit the park near Kurt’s place of death and listen to this album on repeat (like for hours, lol). There’s just something just so hypnotic and … REAL about the record. I think that’s what I love most about it, the authenticity.  
  3. Teatro d’ira Vol. 1 – Måneskin: This album just simply SLAPS. The lead singer’s vocals are the perfect mix of grit and emotion ,and there’s always an addictive, funky bass line in every song. Most of the album is in Italian, but I feel like that’s the mark of good music—when even if you can’t understand the words you still FEEL them. This album is my current obsession. 
  4. Metallica – Metallica: I know Metallica is a pretty expected choice, BUT, I always find myself going back to this album. It’s just so unquestionably good. Plus, I’m such a sucker for aggressive distorted guitar.

Watch the lyric video for “Care Less” here:

For more from Cami Petyn, find her on Instagram, TikTok, and check out her LinkTree.

Photo courtesy of Cami Petyn

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