Letters to Part – “(P)re-Amble” / “Olde English” Live at River Bear Studios

Letter To Part performed a couple of songs with River Bear Studios, and New Noise Magazine is pleased to bring them to the public eye. “(P)re-Amble” and “Old English” are two songs from the band that showcase their identity, utilizing raw energy in their live sound to produce a clean but energetic sound. What River Bear Studios did in capturing the band’s essence is impeccable, with both tracks sounding like a full-length studio production. Both tracks are off of the band’s debut full length, A Human Curse.

About A Human Curse 
A Human Curse is a story about understanding true heartache, and trying to cope through vices that we all use while trying to relieve some sort of symptom.

• The intro is about acknowledging a lose of hope. Realizing failure and letting it sink in.

“Olde English”
• A setting in which the mind is playing tricks on itself. By trying to change something that won’t move, and realizing there is no gain. Just wasted effort (at this time) – Letters To Part

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